Removing dents in an Alto Sax body

Denting under the Eb key pillar caused the tonehole to distort on this Alto Saxophone.

The damage repaired.

Alto Sax Eb key tonehole shape restored & the pillar dent removed.

Bass guitar set-up.

Adjusting neck-relief, lowering the action and setting the intonation.

Dent in Baritone Sax bow section.

The protective strap is removed before dent-work can begin.

The Baritone Sax bow section repaired.

The strap has been re-soldered and a new protection strip fitted to strengthen this vunerable area from dents.

A Violin with the front removed.

The front of this violin was removed so crack repairs could be carried out and the neck-block could be re-set.

Violin crack repairs.

Glueing the crack in a violin front.

Vintage snare drum repairs.

This 1930's Leedy Broadway Dual snare drum needed a modern style snare adapted to fit the vintage style snare mechanism and a quality calf skin mounted on the batter side.

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